Sept 30, 2022 

Reservations begin Sept 16th.

Call 604-574-1918 after 9:00 a.m. on Friday Sept 16, 2022.

Leave a message on the answering machine and include:

  • Full name

  • Phone number

  • The choice of reader (if you know). 

  • Calls will be answered in the order that they are received. 

A wonderful way for you to connect with your loved ones on the other side.

The mediums bridge the gap between the two worlds, bringing evidence of your loved ones presence.

Readings can bring peace, healing, and even closure.


Readings are 25 minutes for $35.

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Mini Readings

Receive a private sitting with a medium.

Meet The Mediums


Courtney Dawson


Gloria Dea


Lesley Prentis