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Thursday Evening Programs

Our weekly programs cover a variety of topics that are designed to support you in your healing, spiritual unfoldment, psychic and mediumship development.

Admission For Regular Thursday Programs

All Thursday Programs are in-person at                          the centre.

There is no need to reserve a spot and        as of June 1st, all entry fees will be                    cash only at the door.

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June 2, 2022 Evening of evidential spirit messages with Peter Ormsby & Trish Clarke.  The mediums will bring through messages from our friends and family in the spirit world to those in the audience.


  • Cash only at the door and no pre-registration necessary



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May 19, 2022 CANCELLED  because the Rodeo bed races block our street and access to the building.

Watch for this event to be rescheduled.

Soul Colours.

We are going to explore how colour affects your emotions, your moods and your soul and we will explore what colour says about you.  Come out for an evening of meditation, colouring (no skill needed!) and mediumship.  Join Trish Clarke and Liz Dingwall for an evening of inspiration and fun.

Facilitated by: Trish Clarke &

Liz Dingwall


  • Cash only at the door


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June 9, 2022 Spiritual Corner.

"The Value of Silence"

We are each on a Spiritual Journey. For me silence is an important part of that journey.  Please join me as I explore the many aspects of Silence and the value of silence in a spiritual practice. Allow me to lead you in a meditation

in which silence is an important aspect. We will finish off the evening’s program with a discussion on the nature and value of silence in  your Spiritual practice. Questions and answers during the discussion portion of the evening.

Facilitator Lesley Prentis

Event will be held in person.


  • Cash only at the door and no registration necessary

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May 26, 2022 for Open Circle.


Would you like to tune into your psychic and spirit self ? If you answered yes, you'll want to mark your calendars for our next open circle.

The evening will begin with a guided

meditation followed by a psychic/mediumistic exercises.

Facilitated by: Courtney Dawson



  • Cash only at the door